Point of Sale


Point Of Sale

Manage your restaurant billing, food and beverage, take away. The Point of Sale allows full functionality on standard PC.

It lets you manage a wide variety of services at your property by letting you setup unlimited ‘Points of Sale’ outlets.

Manage restaurants, room service, bar, cofee shop, spa and much more. Orders may be sold directly to the guests, transferred to the room as “Room Service”, or billed directly to the company.

  • KOT generation
  • KOT modification
  • KOT cancellation
  • Manage packing KOT
  • Pending KOT
  • House KOT clearance
  • Bills generation
  • Bill printing
  • Bill modification
  • Old bill printing
  • Payment Settlement
  • Void bill
  • Table status chart
  • Manage guest database for packing
  • Day end
    • Seamlessly Integrated with Front Office for Billing & Room Service.
    • Non-chargeable KOT Management.
    • Cashier wise Collection & Settlement.
    • Table/ Steward/ Item wise sales & discount given summary.
    • Complete log analysis of KOT/ Bills generated.
  • Bill wise sales report.
  • Item wise sales report.
  • Packing sales report
  • Waiter wise sales report
  • Payments report.
  • KOT cancellation report
  • Void bill report
  • Discount report.
  • Staff credit and company credit report.
  • Staff consumption report.
  • Credit report
  • Stock (Inward/Outward/Register) reports
  • Bill Printing Setting
  • All Reports of POS of back date
  • Tax settingt
  • Masters
    • Table
    • Waiter
    • Department
    • Company
  • SMS on Bill Generation / Send bulk SMS to customer
  • Online reports

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