Hotel Channel Manager


Hotel Channel Manager

A Channel Manager is responsible for improving customer consumption; planning and implementing customer presentations, overseeing account profiles, monitoring competitor activity, help all communications with resellers, creating plans for growing market share and communicating channel activities.

We are channel are partner with e-Globe Solutions.

Occupancy Based Pricing

We all know with the increasing competition and in fast changing internet world, predicting the hotel rates will lead to loss of revenue. Situations can change within days or hour because of climate, Govt. Policy, Bulk Bookings, Cancellation of flights, trains or any other reason. Occupancy Based Pricing will help you to automate the process up to 60 days in advance. It will calculate the best possible rates and push across all OTAs for a given day, depending on time and inventory left. It can be triggered automatically every few hours or run through buttons whenever required. So, don’t lose revenue, increase you ARR and occupancy by switching to Occupancy Based Pricing.

Rate Parity Alert

Maintaining same Rates across all channels have become important task to keep your ranking higher across all OTA’s. eGlobe Channel Manager ensures that you get prompt alert and warning emails, in case any rate discrepancy found across any OTAs.

Complete, Real-Time Integration

eGlobe Channel Manager uses the state of art technology, sending multiple request to OTA’s and updating the screens (via JQuery) without refreshing the pages. Experience complete 2 ways integration with easy to use interfaces.

Manage Inventory

Managing Inventory is a constant task which hotel staff are required to do on a very frequent basis. eGlobe provides you perfect tools which enables you to complete your task fast and effectively.

Calendar View

Calendar View option will help you to update inventory or mark sold out dates for different days of a month. You can also easily copy backward or forward inventory of any given date.

Bulk Inventory View

Bulk View option help to update inventory for a longer period of days, with options like Sold Out Dates, Closed for Arrival, Closed for Departure and Min and Max Length of Stay. You also have a choice to update any days of the week or any selected Channel.

Common Inventory Pooling

Serving two or more separate markets using a common inventory stock is extensively studied in operations management. Our Common Inventory Channel and Inventory system help you to easily manage even Last Room Available without fear of Overselling. Hoteliers just need to maintain “Master Channel”. All other channels are synced automatically through Master.

Manage Rate

Calendar View

Calendar View option will help you to update rates for different days of a month. You can also easily copy backward or forward rates of any given date.

Bulk Inventory View

Bulk Rate option help you to update rates for a longer period, with options like extra adults rates, Extra Child Rates and Infant Rates. You also have a choice to update any days of the week or any selected Channel.

Task Manager

The Task Manager is like a log manager, which displays and records inventory pooling and rate updates happening on your channel manager keeping you updated and minimizing the chances of mistakes.

Manage easily through Different Devices

Get Responsive admin panels that detects the screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. It resize automatically to fit desktop, laptop and mobile devices keeping you in control even if your are travelling.


Our system provides detailed breakups with comparison against historical data to help you easily gauge your hotel’s performance. You can also download these reports in Excel or csv formats.

Manage everything on the go

Mobile App gives you freedom to update and view information about your property while you are on the move. Its saves time and keeps you updates all the time.

  1. Manage Inventory
  2. Manage Rates
  3. View & Update Booking
  4. Instant Sold Out

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